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Metaval is a leading supplier of flame arrestor in Australia. In simple terms, a flame arrester allows gas to pass through but stops the flame, preventing the risk of fire in an industrial setting. This makes them an integral part of industrial safety controls. They are also often used as a pressure and or vacuum relief for tank breathing and protection.

Mechanically, a flame arrester is a passive device with no moving parts. Under normal conditions, it allows for the free flow of gas. But if fire tries to move through it, the device will absorb the heat and stop the spread of the flame.


Protego brand flame arrestors include innovations that simplify routine maintenance – like fast disassembly, and flame filter disks that are made of stainless steel, and only ½” thick for easy cleaning. Every Protego flame or detonation arrestor has a strong outer housing that can withstand a pressure wave – no flimsy aluminium housings.
Available in hundreds of configurations to suit every need – including Factory Mutual and Coast Guard flame arrestors. Tell us your application and a Protego applications specialist will help you choose the most suitable equipment for your operating process and conditions.

Combination pressure and vacuum relief valves with flame arresters and flame arrestor with check valve are also available.

All PROTEGO flame arrestor & detonation arrestor housings are constructed from iron, steel or stainless steel to withstand any possible pressure wave. Easy-to-clean flame filter disks are stainless steel, the number of disks stacked according to operating conditions and gas applications.

In-line Detonation Arrestor P/N: DR/ES-V -3″, 4″, 6″, Other sizes & configurations available.


Protego offers tank vent valves in every style and size for terminal storage tanks. Besides pressure and vacuum vent valves, and combination P&V vents, Protego offers vent valves with built-in deflagration flame arrestor, as pictured below. This one piece of equipment can replace two while retaining ease-of-maintenance.

Protego vent valves are available in hundreds of configurations to suit most every tank venting application.

Tell us your application and a Protego applications specialist will help you carefully choose the most suitable equipment for your process and conditions.

Protego Model VD/TS

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