Direct In-Line Pumping


An Innovative Solution to Municipal Wastewater Management

The direct inline pump system follows an innovative principle by pumping gravity fed effluent directly from the point of entry, without a wet well. The DIP System overcomes the drawbacks of retaining raw sewage.

You can use the Direct Inline Pump system to provide proper sanitation. At Metaval, we supply a wide variety of pump systems. Among these, there is the DomoDIP for your house to the sewer connection, PM Modular Pump for wastewater pumping, Sewer and Stormwater Booster Pump for places with insufficient slope, flow or pipes and the prefabricated lift station SIDINOX.

Our DIP system comes with a solution that requires no tank, no cleaning and easy maintenance. Apply the super-fast multi-use pump to clear waste, use it in various applications: pump/lift stations, slaughterhouses, construction sites, sea water and desalination to name a few. Using the Direct Inline Pump system, you are no longer bound by the restrictions of slope or flow.

  • No dangerous gases
  • No odours
  • No sediment and grease accumulation
  • No asset corrosion
  • Improved OH&S
  • Reduced operating costs
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