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BAIO Advantages

The VAG BAIO®plus System is a universal spigot socket installation system which connects valves, pipes and fittings in the diameter range of DN 80...300 without any flanges and screws, neither at the connection nor at the valve.

Advantages of the VAG BAIO System: Completely boltless The gate valve and its connections to the pipeline are completely boltless.

Direct connection The gate valve connection to PE pipes with 125/180 outer diameter is possible without additional transition fittings.

Only few connection parts necessary For a BAIO®plus junction with three gate valves, only 10 parts are needed as compared to the 160 parts needed for a conventional flange connection. This reduces assembly time and inventories.

Consistent corrosion protection The valve and the connection have no bolts, which makes them extremely resistant to corrosion.

Flexible connection The +/- 3° inclination in each connection equalizes earth movement and prevents pipe breaks due to cavities.

Pull-out proof Due to the internal bayonet connection and / or the external bayonet connection, a concrete counter bearing is no longer required.

Easy assembly / disassembly The combination gate valve and divisible pipe coupling with externally lockable centre part and function sockets on both sides allow easy assembly and disassembly of the BAIO®plus System.

Ideal for repair work The BAIO®EMS-part for the replacement of gate valves or cross junctions of gate valves in cast pipe systems.

Consistent laying system A complete range of fittings suitable for any kind of pipeline network.

Additional advantages:

  • WSAA appraised.
  • CWW ( City West Water approaved).
  • System appraised and approved for Potable and Sewerage applications
  • No thrust restraints required when using the BAIO pull stop lock .
  • The BAIO system is a “ All weather System” and can be assembled anytime.
  • Boltless no denso (additional corrosion protection not required ).
  • Fittings can be reused-Ideal for building temporary water and sewerage mains.
  • Assembly times of pipelines cut down by a third.
  • Current sizing available is DN 80, 100, 150, 200,225,250,300.
  • The BAIO system also has the unique SMB piece ,please see below picture of this unique fitting which incorporates a tee piece and gate valve in the one casting !
  • Boltless repair coupling for PE-HD ( As seen below) used by Western Water , Westernport water .