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Industrial Controls

Metaval : Australian Supplier of Industrial Controls

Metaval was founded in 1967 to provide an engineering supply service to users in the paper industry. Since this time the Garland family has been associated with the company as it has grown and diversified its product range to supply engineered products to all major industries in Australia.

Today it is a manufacturer’s representative supplying a comprehensive range of products to customers in all Australian states and territories. The types of products we supply includes; actuators, control valves, filters, flame arresters, level controls, mixers, pressure vessels, solids flow measurement, steam heaters, tanks, tank accessories, and valves.

The companies that we represent are recognised as leaders in their particular field. Our end-user clients can be confident that the equipment you purchase from Metaval will be high quality and the correct choice for your plant.

The industries we serve include; agribusiness, cement and quarry, chemical, food and beverage, feed, mining, oil and gas, paint and coatings, process refining, pulp and paper, petroleum refining, steel manufacturing, water and waste water.

Customer Support

Metaval deals with a wide range of customers – from small 1 person operations to government authorities and multinational corporations. Our focus is to always deliver the highest quality service tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We often provide technical expertise to assist our customers in designing the specifications that best meets their needs. Read more...

Manufacturer Support

Metaval has a proven track record of representing manufacturers in Australia to both develop and grow their sales presence in this market. With our headquarters located in Australia’s manufacturing heartland we have the resources to represent our suppliers in all Australian markets. Read more...